Если у вас накопилось много украшений, с частью которых вы хотите расстаться, или вам срочно нужны денежные средства, вы можете принести изделия в наш элитный ломбард «Привилегия». Мы осуществляем скупку драгоценностей по выгодной цене.





Where is it profitable to sell watches in Moscow?

Where is it profitable to sell watches in Moscow?

The appraisal of watches is one of the services of the «Privilegia» pawnshop; we will buy accessories of luxury brands at the best prices in the capital.

A fast deal, minimum effort, complete anonymity, professional expertise and more are waiting for you. We buy new and used watches on favorable terms. Exchange an unnecessary accessory for a large sum of money in cash!

We are located in the center of Moscow on Kutuzovsky Avenue, 30.

How we are working?

1. Send us a request
For the assessment, we need 2-3 photos of the product and the same number of minutes of your time.

Photos can be sent to the number 89859259299 or fill out an application on the website.
2.We will evaluate 
After receiving the photo, our specialists evaluate and give a final assessment within a few minutes.
3. We pay money
To calculate, you need to drive up to our office.


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